Single Lock Records is an independent record label founded in 2013 by Ben Tanner, John Paul White and Will Trapp.  It's day-to-day operations are run by Reed Watson (label manager), Addy Kimbrell, Haley Webster and our exceptional interns.

Single Lock is based in historic Florence, AL and we exist to help talented artists make their best recordings. Our roster of artists is a diverse, eclectic set of accomplished musicians with something to say and the skills to say it.  We're all trying to navigate this crazy business... together.

At Single Lock, we celebrate songs. Being a label based in the Shoals, maybe that’s just something that’s in our blood. Our favorite music sticks with you and makes you feel something. Frankly, that’s what we want to release—our favorite music.

That’s what we are striving to do.  We're learning a little bit more every day.

This passion informs everything we do, from our label to our recording studio to the way we try to treat others. Our team is made up of musicians, business people, creatives and dreamers. We love music and we love the process of creating, promoting and delivering that music to you.

Single Lock is committed to the growth of our community and company through strong relationships, sensible partnerships and--most of all-- great music.

Through your support and your interest, you help us achieve that goal.  Thank you!

Label Roster

Nicole Atkins  * The Bear * Belle Adair  * Cedric Burnside * Exotic Dangers * Mia Dyson * Erin Rae * Caleb Elliott * Donnie Fritts

The Kernal * Dylan LeBlanc * Lera Lynn * Penny & Sparrow * The Pollies * The Prescriptions * Space Tyger * Steelism

St. Paul & The Broken Bones* John Paul White

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